Ms Lee Siu Yuk is the Executive Director of China Infrastructure Investment Limited, whose shares are listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The Company is primarily an investment holding company and its investment portfolio includes hotel investment, property development and casinos throughout China, Hong Kong and Macau.
Although Ms Lee is busy with her life as an Executive Director in a listed company, she still cares very much about her health. As a keen hiker, Ms Lee thinks that Hong Kong’s air quality nowadays has gone considerably worse. She can smell a polluted air in the countryside, not quite an enjoyable experience. The suspended particles have contaminated the air in a way that, the Victoria Harbour is just a thick screen of mist and cloud viewed from the hills.
Ms Lee believes that corporate social responsibility is always her concern, such as staff welfare, medical health and working environment. She is well aware of the importance of air quality to one’s health, “I expect the air in my working environment to be pure and fresh. Bad air quality with poor circulation would make me drowsy and cannot focus on my work.”
To improve the air quality in the office, she has installed BioEm Immunization System, “I had always been frustrated by allergenic rhinitis. But my allergy has improved a lot since the system was installed”. Due to her allergenic rhinitis, Ms Lee is always teased by her client for her eye-drop and running nose during meetings, to her embarrassment. But with the installation of BioEm Immunization System, those embarrassing days are now history.
In addition, when there was a staff member catching flu in the office in the past, a few more would be sick within days. But now the condition of cross infections has been improved with less staff calling for sick leaves. Ms Lee further added, “Investing on the improvement of staff’s working environment is an invisible welfare. And the rewards exceed our investment. As long as our colleagues become healthier, they work with greater efficiency. At the end, the company benefits most.”