Pacific Potential Trading Company Limited mainly focuses on Environmental Protection products, and is keen on emphasizing the importance of environmental protection inside the company as well. Carmen tried to install the BioEm Central Air Immunization System when her company moved into new building, as recommended by PVH, one of her clients. She and her colleagues are very satisfied with the system and no one has ever applied for sick leave after moving in for three months. Since the system was installed on four floors out of six, staffs have been feeling a big difference in air quality among the floors. “With the system installed, working becomes less exhausting than before, and we can work till eight or nine at night but still have a clear mind. I have a foreign client who worked in our office for a week only, he was surprised that he could work till late at night without feeling tired at all. He told us that when he worked in our previous office, he always had to leave at three in the afternoon.”
Carmen was herself a victim of the air pollution in Hong Kong, as she got skin allergy after shopping in Causeway Bay the day before the interview. She felt so helpless about the environment, but she can start improving the air quality at the company, “We have to actually work on the Corporate Social Responsibility, not just talk about it. Water and air is the essence of environment which have direct contact with people. It is important to provide the best to the staff if possible.”
Pacific Potential values much on long-term development of the employees, and health of the people is as important as skills training. To Carmen, it is the core belief of management, “Company must protect and care about staff, because they are the most valuable asset.”