Wong Kwan

Mr Wong Kwan is a famous Hong Kong entrepreneur, who runs a series of hotel investment and real estate businesses. He stated that the government cared more about indoor air quality of hotels, shopping malls and offices than before, “it is obvious to all that the government is very active in promoting concepts and messages about environment protection in recent years. Instead of the indoor tobacoo control legislation, there is no definite guideline towards indoor air quality control within the hotel industry. I think the government can encourage corporate to communicate more with companies operating environment protection related business.”
Mr. Wong believes that with the government’s high advocacy, the public will demand more on air quality, “A company improves indoor air quality not just out of social responsibility, when hotels, restaurants or shopping malls are able to provide better indoor air environment, their services can be improved at the same time and the company will be more competitive.”
As an entrepreneur, Mr. Wong is certainly most aware of operation cost and the balance of revenue and expenditure. He has also installed BioEm Immunization Systems in his office and home. He believes the health reward received has exceeded the cost he paid, “actually it costs not very much to install this kind of BioEm immunization system to gain the confidence of the public, customers and staffs. Especially after the experience of SARS, Hong Kong citizens are more sensitive to the change of air quality. After the installation of immunization system, the public can consume at more ease in your place at anytime. It’s great in the long run.”