The New Concept of Sustainable Immunized Building


Hong Kong people have adopted the idea of fire prevention since the colonial days as it is obvious that fire costs great losses of money and life. Though invisible and usually overlooked, Indoor air pollutions are potentially more dangerous as they cost human health and damage our society in the long term.

Building Health

Hong Kong has survived from SARS and Avian Influenza and witnessed the catastrophic impacts caused by these epidemic diseases. It is no surprise that a new concept called “Sustainable Immunized Building”, raised by Professor Chan Wai-tin from the Department of Building Services Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has called for public interest and appealed to wide academic interest:

  1. Biologically, the ventilations, drainages and air-conditioning systems of the building are just like the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems of the human body.

  2. Pathologically, study and diagnosis the diseases of the building through examination of its systems and cure with monitoring, like regular body check.

  3. Like eating and drinking, everyday the building takes in a great amount of wastes such as carbon dioxide, bacteria, viruses, excretion from human and VOC from building materials and furniture, needs give off.

  4. Preventing diseases by cleaning, pest control and maintaining the central air conditioning system especially setting up the indoor air immunization system.

Get Plan First

Different buildings require different immunization systems according to their structures and measurements. It’s up to property owners, architects and planners, air condition engineers and property managers to choose the right one.

To build with the built-in immunization system, with the least cost and maximum results is obviously an ideal choice in terms of the function, maintenance and repair.

But preplanning is not the reality of Hong Kong and there are a great number of medium and small-sized buildings, BioEm has designed immunization system in 4 types practically for Hong Kong: Centralized Intelligent Disinfectant Immunized System (CIDIS), BioEm Central Air Immunization System, BioEm Immunization System (Industrial Model / Commercial Model).