missionThe Future of Fresh Air

We have devoted ourselves to disinfection technology and invented products related to public health, air quality improvement and environmental protection. We believe that everybody will benefit from it. Our dream of environmentally friendly cities will be shared by many.

Densely populated metropolis that have created booming economies are under threat of various epidemic diseases. Avian Influenza, first found in Hong Kong in 1997, followed by the tragic outbreak of SARS in 2003, plus the deteriorating air quality all remind us that air pollution is the major crisis that we face today.

We have cooperated closely with the Environment Protection Department in its Action Blue Sky and Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme in recent years and contributed to the clean, hygienic and airy indoor environment by our natural, non-toxic and side-effects free disinfection products. We have established ourselves as a Hong Kong brand of environmental technology in the world community. We hope that Hong Kong will continue to prosper as a regional financial centre and start to build itself as a city of quality life, focusing on environmental protection in future. Hong Kong's success can only be guaranteed by a clean environment.