Consul-General of Saudi Arabia

Mr Alaudeen A. Alaskary, the Ambassador of the Consul-General of Saudi Arabia, has been in Hong Kong for five and a half year. He is quite upset by the worsening of the territory’s air quality. “It is very sad to see such a great city marred by air pollution, with very few measures taken to improve.”
Mr Alaskary sees a global trend in the awareness of air quality as well as environmental protection. Most countries in the world understand how essential air quality is. “China is very aware of it. I have been to the Beijing Olympics and I was very surprised and impressed by all the measures Chinese government has taken to improve the air quality. Saudi Arabia is the same.”
Though Mr Alaskary can help little with the overall air quality of Hong Kong, he has chosen the product of BioEm Air Sanitizing and Purifying Equipment for the Consulate as well as his home. “My daughter has asthma, and when I smoke, it doesn’t bother her as it used to. At least people in the room don’t feel that I am smoking. Some even say that it is only like burning incense!” Mr Alaskary is very pleased to have used the product of BioEm equipment, so that he can smoke in the office and not feeding anybody with second-hand smoke.
“When I am smoking the BioEm equipment doesn’t react too much, but once I open the window to let in some fresh air, the machine immediately becomes highly sensitive. That means there is more pollution in the air outside than when I smoke.”
After all, healthy living is what Mr Alaskary much concerned about. “You cannot control how long you live, but you can control the quality of how you live. It is important to live healthily, and have a life more comfortable. It is easier to have a system like that to have a better living.”