BioEm Central Air Immunization SystemAHU

Installed in a central AHU room and connected directly with central air-conditioning system, distributing BioEm’s Air Sanitizing and Purifying Liquid through ventilation pipes solve the pipe-cleaning problem. Maintenance and refill are convenient as well as cost-beneficial. Meanwhile, the liquid is also affected by different lengths of the pipes. It should be more adequately released by enhancing the wind power of the pipes.

Feature The works of maintenance and repair are concentrated. No extra pipes are to be installed. Distributing liquid through central air-conditioning system which cleans the ventilation pipes too.
Liquid Supply Directly connected with central air-conditioning systems, released through ventilation pipes.
Main Equipments Directly installed in AHU room and connected with the ventilation pipes.
Coverage 20,000 ft2 (depends on the central air-conditioning system)