BioEm Therapy outputs high electric voltage 20kV and low current 300 microamperes. The electromotive force will influence ions movements within the body systems, causing them to bounce back and forth creating altered flow currents. By stimulating the metabolism of the human body, it has the effects of dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. In the safest way, it enhances all the circulation systems including blood, digestion, respiratory & central nervous systems. The intrusion of electrical pulses into the CNS system can also bring about pain and stress that is hard to identify; therefore, it also 'shows pain while blockage exists'. Removing all the blockages, it aims to relieve discomfort and vitalize good health.

Therapeutic Technology



The human blood is, like other organisms, formed by all kinds of ion matters in which Electrons (negative ion) is the majority and the pH value is in weak alkaline. As the Protons (positive ion) dominates and the pH value is in weak acidic, the body becomes unhealthy. People who live in stressful life style, their blood show weak acidic; then they suffer from symptoms like weariness, nervousness, sleeplessness.
High electric potential can generate effective electrical energy (stimulation) to vitalize cells, reconstruct nervous system and purify blood, thus revive and maintain good health and beauty.



By means of special electro magnetic impulses, Bio Magnetic Therapy rejuvenates the vitality of cells and the immune system. Once the metabolism is boosted, the body produces more energy, impaired regulatory circuits work properly again and the natural self-healing power is activate.
It is a natural way of stimulating body to combat pain and correct imbalances. With the help of the therapy, it improves circulation, pulse reconstruction, body temperature, breathing, stress, weariness, energy weakness and a number of common disturbances. It benefits those suffering from chronic problem. Restoring the healthy state of human body.

Infrared therapy


Infrared ray mobilizes and vitalizes water molecule of blood and activates the sweat glands; metabolism is then enhanced for absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins more rapidly. Therefore, it is effective to improve the symptoms of chronic problems, and be helpful to, soft tissue, wounds, and more.
BioEm 20000 produces infrared heat in a similar fashion, but is much more efficient because it penetrates even deeper into the skin. It reinforces the immune system and strengthens the body's self-healing power.

Heat therapy


Heat therapy increases blood flow, which helps to decrease stiffness, relaxes sore muscles, and provides soothing comfort. Since it helps blocking transmissions of pain signals to the brain, it translates into a significant decrease of discomfort and relieves disturbances including stress, insomnia, indigestion, constipation, spinal problems, shoulder pain, knee pain, cold hand and feet etc, and is proved to be effective for restoring the healthy state of human body.