Centralized Intelligent Distinfectant Immunized System (CIDIS)


Main facilities include central control unit, intelligent emitters and cable pipes. It is equipped with software analyzing the building, calculating the amount of emitters, and distributing emitters at their best places. It covers the entire environment: the coverage of a single emitter is about 200 ft2, one model can connect 2000 emitters and the whole coverage can increase to 400,000 ft2. The release and volume of the liquid are controlled by the computer which helps to avoid man-made mistakes and waste of human resources.

Feature Controlled by a central control unit, managing large scale of indoor environment by a single model. Highly effective in terms of the usage of the liquid.
Liquid Supply Controlled by a central control unit and vaporized liquid is released by emitters installed in floors.
Main Equipments Central control unit, cable pipes, intelligent emitters, liquid containers.
Coverage One single emitter can cover 200 ft2, with 2,000 emitters of one model the whole coverage can soar to 400,000 ft2.