Yolanda Ng

Mankind has done so much damage in the name of “Technological development”. As a result, we are faced with serious air pollution problems such as screening effect of towering, and car drivers not turning off their vehicles engines during traffic jam, releasing waste gas that accumulates and pollutes the air.  
Yolanda Ng, the Convener of Clean Air Action Group stated that obviously the Hong Kong government should have a more comprehensive planning to imporve air quality. Although the government has issued guidelines for institutions and provided fundings for civil environmental protection groups, there are not enough regulations restricting the behaviour of those industries responsible for air pollution. Clean Air Action Group strives to improve air quality since founded, and promoting “Banning Idling Vehicle with Running Engine” is one of the jobs they have done.
Apart from outdoor air, Yolanda believed that indoor air quality is also important. But Hong Kong people are not very conscious about this aspect. For examples, many people do not clean the dust filters of their air-conditioners regularly and they have to breathe indoor polluted air full of dust. Shops in downtown areas are always under renovation, resulting in the indoor air mixed with harmful chemical gas. Some people may use chemical composed aroma and have no idea that would release harmful gases. Instead of reminding people to care about the environment, to reduce unnecessarily energy consumption, to walk rather than drive on a short distance or idle vehicle with running engines, Yolanda talked about the importance of improving household air quality as well. We should use dust sweeping paper and wet cloth to clean out more. We can also use auxiliary tools such as air sanitizing and purifying equipment to improve indoor air quality. But we should recognize the label and instruction of products while purchasing. We should also choose environmentally friendly products extracted from natural material. She called everyone to reduce using chemical products and be aware of the product’s germ-killing efficiency. It is important to check if the product has passed tests conducted by authoritative organizations. Besides, she pointed out that many people are used to rhinitis. But actually it is closely related to the air quality. “If you don’t want the next generation to suffer from rhinitis, you should pay more attention to the air quality.” Ng said.